Now that I got the meditation space all cleared out I need to put something in it. So I went shopping today with the sole purpose of getting altar stuff. My only qualifications for getting something was that it had to call out to me. I wasn’t going to buy stuff just to have it.

Here’s what I got.

1. Bamboo – I’ve always liked bamboo. My space is in the basement and I wanted something living down there but most plants would die. Bamboo doesn’t need lots of light. I planted my bamboo in a terra cotta horse planter that I have had since 1992. I bought it in Costa Rica and carried it on my lap on the plane. I’ve never planted anything in it because it is sort of small for a house plant. Perfect for bamboo. I got some cleaned rocks to support it but I underestimated the amount needed. I need to get/find some more. This can be representative of earth and/or water.

2. Incense – I didn’t want strong incense since it is an enclosed space. I found some vanilla and lilac cones. Vanilla is my favorite scent. Just goes to show that I am very boring. These will represent air.

3. Rose quartz – I got a rose quartz that fits just perfectly in my hand to represent the earth.

4. Jewelry – I am starting The Ninth Wave and it is recommended to get a piece of jewelry to represent your commitment. This was the hardest for me to choose. I thought about two necklaces – one said Fearless and the other said Divine – but even though I liked the message I wasn’t crazy about the design. I finally settled on a pendant that is a rock painted blue with runes on it. It says that the rune is for bringing things to culmination or fruitful outcomes. I don’t know if that is true or not but it is a cool pendant. I also got some pink crystal heart earrings.

It was a lot of fun to just go out on a whim and buy things for myself. Now I just need something to put it all on. I’m not going to set it all up yet because my mother is coming to visit on Friday. I’m also not telling the husband about the Ninth Wave work until after she leaves or I know that at some point he will cheerfully say to my mother, “Did you know she’s starting a year program of goddess study? Do you want to see her altar?”