Yeah, I’m sick! I wouldn’t normally be glad about that but it explains why I was so beat this weekend. I was mad about being a lazy bum. Every time I had to sit for a while to wait for horses, I fell asleep. Of course, I was in the woods resting in warm Alabama sunbeams and thinking about how I wouldn’t be this warm again until next summer. That is good nap making.

I came home to a whole stack of boxes. I got three textbooks and my first set of notes for my acupuncture class. I started reading what I’m guessing is the most user friendly book.  I’m taking an acupuncture course that is taught from a Traditional Chinese Medicine viewpoint. Learning the terms is like learning a whole new medical language. I keep telling myself that someday it will all make sense and be as natural as western medical language.

I’ve already realized that this will be just as bad for my health as vet school. I remember being convinced once that I had infectious bovine rhinotracheitis. I had all the signs. I was going to be the first ever documented case in humans until I got better instead of dying. Today I learned about tongue diagnosis. There is a list of bad things that can show up on your tongue. I have three of the worst. I’ve already decided that I’m going to die of this too since I’m not far enough along to fix myself. Great. Now every morning instead of looking in the mirror for signs of new fat or impending wrinkles I’ll be checking my tongue out of paranoia.