Lest you think that I am no longer being properly abused by animals with Spirit gone, I offer this story from last night.

I’m laying in bed and Snowball starts barking. She had just been outside and her water bowl in the bedroom was not empty. This didn’t seem to be life or death but it was a consistent low level complaining that didn’t seem likely to stop. I finally got up because the only other thing that bothers her is if she get hungry at night and her bowl is empty. Sure enough her food bowl in the kitchen was empty. I filled it. She was still standing at the bedroom door staring at me. I turned on the light so her old eyes could see that I gave her food. She trotted over, glanced at the bowl, turned on her heels, trotted back to the bedroom and went to bed. I guess she wasn’t hungry but just wanted to make make sure her bowl was full in case she felt the urge for a midnight snack.