It’s official! My dog has absolutely no sense whatsoever. I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt even after she attacked my horse and he all but killed her. I thought maybe she would have had a bit of sense knocked into her. But no.

Yesterday I took her to work with me to have her groomed. In between times when she was getting beautiful she hung out outside my exam room. I had a police dog patient. I needed to take her outside to get a urine sample. Snowball just tagged along. She was ignoring the other dog but the police dog was not ignoring her. She was agitated by Snowball. I finally stuck Snowball back in the office and we took the other dog out of sight to get the sample. This made Snowball angry. I could hear her barking. I was outside and she was inside a building but she was mad. We brought the police dog back in and Snowball decided to give her a piece of her mind.

On one side we have Snowball – 6.5 lbs of mad Pomeranian. On the other is a 63 lb, 0% body fat, trained attack German Shepard. It wouldn’t have been a fair fight. I moved Snowball out of the way even though the other dog is so well trained that she would have behaved, probably. I wouldn’t have put it past Snowball to get in her face though and I’m sure that police dogs are not used to being told off in such a manner. That’s the kind of behavior that gets a person on COPS.