From Snowball’s journal –

6:45 AM – Wake up Mom and demand to go outside
6:50 AM – Settle back to sleep. Plan to wake up briefly around 10 followed by a nap until 5-ish.
8:00 AM – Wake up when Mom snaps a collar around my neck. I didn’t even know I still had a collar.
8:05 – 8:10 AM – Protest wildly about getting in the car. Car rides never end well. It also never does any good to protest either because I weigh 7.5 pounds and eventually I just get picked up.
8:45 AM – End up at a veterinary clinic. This one is ok because I don’t get groomed here.
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Help Mom see appointments. I do this by making sure I keep her in sight. If she accidently shuts a door, I bark until she acknowledges me.
12:30 PM – Picnic at the Earthworks with Mom and Dad. Then Dad goes back to work and Mom and I do a photoshoot.


Then Mom says that one thing on her 101 in 1001 days list is to meditate at the Earthworks. I help her by tugging on the leash and licking her hands when she sits too still.

2:00 PM – Oh NO!!!! We are at the veterinary clinic where the groomer is!!!! I see Mom’s evil plan now.
2:00 PM – 5:45 PM – I usually help with appointments but I’m not used to being awake this many hours in a day – let alone consectutive hours. I take a nap. But first I have to tell that Doberman who comes with her mom that she isn’t allowed to look at me. She ran away and cried after I got through with her!
5:45 PM – The groomers grab me. There is a bath and ear cleaning. It is horrible. Then blow drying because I bark too loud when I go in the cage with a dryer.
5:55 PM – Brief break when I get to run back to Mom but then she carries me back to get clipped. I hate this part! Everyone says I look beautiful and I have a black bandana with flames that everyone thinks is funny, but I am not amused.
6:30 PM – Finally home. I’m going to collapse and not wake up until tomorrow.