Hi. This is Snowball. I’m taking over this blog to tell you all about the dastardly things my mom did to me yesterday.

First of all after I woke her up yesterday to go outside I wasn’t allowed to go back to sleep. I always go back to sleep for another five or six hours but she put a collar and leash on me and make me go to work with her. I hate going to work with her. Nothing good can come of it.

When we got to the office I tried my best not to go into the building but when you are only six pounds you don’t have a lot of options. Then my mom started talking to the evil groomers about my hair. See, I knew I was here for a bad reason!

We have a deal when I go to work. Mom has to keep the door open. She usually closes the back door to the exam room but if she does that then I wander out into the waiting room and take out my frustrations on the largest dog I see. If she leaves the door cracked just a bit so I can see in it is ok. Do you know what she does in there? She plays with other dogs! I’m not allowed it go in and break it up either. Believe me, I’ve tried. On the good side whenever I poke my head in the people in the room always say, “What a cute puppy!” A girl can’t get too many compliments.

The morning went ok except for when she put me up on the table and cleaned my ears out. Then we went to lunch at a park. We wandered around for a while sniffing everything. Then she picked me up and carried me to the place she wanted to go. She said something about not getting anywhere with me sniffing everything. There was a big dog there when we were walking back. He was playing and got his head out of his collar and came running towards me. I was ready for him but Mom picked me up. His people said that he wouldn’t have hurt me but Mom laughed and said she was worried about me hurting him. Yeah, I look all sweet but I’m pretty tough.

The bad stuff happened when we got back. I was taking a nap while Mom was working when the evil groomers kidnapped me. They gave me a bath and put me in a cage with a dryer. I was so mad that I yelled non-stop for 3 whole hours. Finally they took me out of the cage even though they hadn’t done my trimming yet and sent me back to Mom to shut me up. She took me back eventually and held me while my hair got trimmed.

I thought we were going home then but Mom had a meeting. I wasn’t allowed in the building so I had to sneak. She wrapped me up in a towel so none of me was showing and tucked me under her arm like a package. Then we marched into the building and to the meeting room. I slept through the meeting because barking for 3 hours will wear a girl out. Besides she was teaching kids about parts of horses and who really cares about that? When it was over the kids made sure the coast was clear and I got all wrapped up again and carried back out of the building. Embarrassing but much better than being left in the car or God forbid, left at the office.