I have to comment on all this news about the woman who pretended to be kidnapped to avoid her wedding.

1. I agree with Terrence that this case would have gotten no publicity if this woman wasn’t rich and white.

2. If I had let the world know that I was so horrified at the thought of marrying the husband that I faked a kidnapping, I’m willing to bet large amounts of money that he would not have welcomed me back with open arms.

3. Regardless of what the husband would have thought, I know I would rather have remained in police custody than faced my parents after they spent that much money for nothing. In the fine words of Will Smith:
“They didn’t speak.
I said “I want to plead my case!”
But my parents just shoved me in the car by my face.
It was a hard ride home.
I don’t know how I survived it.
They took turns-
One was beating while the other one was driving.”

2 Replies to “Why fake kidnappings wouldn’t work for me.”

  1. Just you wait: She will write a book, then she will be on all the talk shows, and be richer and more famous! If Hanoi Jane can do it, anyone can! What really matters, is whether they spell your name correctly.

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