I went walking on the trails again today. I thought it would be a quick walk. I was going from a parking area up the to main road and back. It is a mile when I drive from the road to the parking area. I think it was about 5 miles each way by the trail. I kept thinking that the end of the trail had to be around the next bend so I kept walking. It was really hard to map on the arial too so I’m going to have to go back and check what I marked. But next time I’m breaking it up into sections. I’m not hiking out 10 miles at one time again. I did earn over 1300 points on the Presidential Fitness Challenge though. Jumped from 1% to 4% to goal.

Then I went to the fabric store to try to match a fabric that I’m using in a quilt. It is a solid brown so it has to match. There was a very chipper sales lady there. Those people generally annoy me on my best days but I was crashing at that point after my hike. She kept perkily asking me if I was sure that I needed a match. Couldn’t I introduce a new fabric? I couldn’t make a coherent sentence to explain that the border is incorporated into the block design and I already had a section finished when I ran out of fabric. I ended up with strange hand gestures showing the part I had done and the part I needed to finish to make her leave me alone. I’m sure I also probably had twigs in my hair. No surprise she was talking to me as if I was mentally challenged.