By bedmates are getting uppity.  I keep waking up with no covers.  The SO doesn’t have any either.  When two humans sleep under a cover, it is suspended between them.  So when a Freckles dog jumps on the suspended cover it pulls it a bit off the humans.  This is both understandable and expected.

However, when I wake up with no covers and Freckles is snoring happily on a nest made of ALL the covers, there has been foul play.  Even if the blankets just magically fell off of us and onto Freckles, it doesn’t account for how they all end up in a ball under her.  She claims no knowledge of how this happens but she defends her blankets like a dragon guarding her hoarde.

If that isn’t enough last night I found that I was sharing my pillow.  I recently got a satin pillowcase.  Powder has decided that it is an appropriate surface for her highness to recline upon. That cat is the worst bedhog I’ve ever slept with.  How an 8 lb cat can take up 3/4 of a bed is a mystery but she can.  You can’t shove her over either.  In repose she gains hundreds of pounds. Knowing this I guess I should be glad that she deigned to share the pillow with me instead of just shoving me off of it. 

She was draped around my head when I woke up.  She allowed me to roll over but when I put my hand on the pillow to move it, she put a paw over my hand in a very clear “DON’T” gesture. 

They have me well trained.    

One Reply to “Strange Bedfellows”

  1. My cat can likewise take up a good chunk of the bed. There’s an entire half of a queen sized bed for that cat, but he chooses to lay right next to me and push me closer and closer to the edge as the night goes by.

    I’ve drawn the line at pillow sharing anymore, I would wake up with the cat on my face. I’m not sure if he likes the pillow that much, or if he was trying to suffocate me. He also tries to eat my hair when he gets the chance to lay on the pillow.

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