I wrote about Freckles and I being sick on last Tuesday.  Just as I was recovering from the flu, the husband got it.  Of course, since he is a man it was the worst thing that ever happened and he texted me from the ER to let me know that he was sick.  There was much self-pitying in that text conversation.  I went to work and wondered why women are considered the weaker sex.  After all, I had gone about my business after the first day of lying in bed and this man was getting a CT scan because his tummy hurt.

He called me later to tell me the results of his scan.  Turns out he has the flu …. and a tumor.


I went into doctor mode and gave him the “needs more investigating and let’s not panic” speech.  Then I came home and read his radiology report and panicked.  I went into two days of hysterics whenever he wasn’t looking at me.  He was still pretty sick so didn’t get around to research until later.  Now he says that he should have known to panic earlier because I was being so nice to him.

So, things might be a bit sparse around here for a bit.  I’m going to prep next week’s Book Blogger Appreciation and the Love a thon posts now.  My brain isn’t really concentrating on reading right now.  I tend to find myself staring off into space while my mind runs a million scenarios.  I’m feeling much more focused today and less likely to go shattering off into a thousand pieces like yesterday when my brother was nice to me.  That’s the worst.  Little brothers should not be sending you kind text messages of love and support.  When that happens you know things have gone wrong.  Complete emotional collapse is unavoidable.

So that’s where we are right now.  First doctors’ visits are next week.