The snow is actually starting to melt. I’m a bit scared because the plow company missed my driveway and now you have to drive through the front yard. I see a huge mess on the horizon. I had to pull the satellite repair guy’s truck out of the driveway yesterday.

I still can’t get into the big barn doors. Yesterday I took the horses outside through the small people door. They were both loose in the barn. I grabbed Spirit and led him out. When he lived at my parents’ he always went out the people door so he didn’t even hesitate. I went back to the barn after putting him in the pasture. There was some resistance against the door so I gave it a shove. Turns out that the resistance was Prize leaning against the door wondering where Spirit went to. She wasn’t so sure about the wisdom of going out the wrong door and having to step over a snow drift. But she’s a good sport.

Bringing them in was more challenging. Spirit always goes in by himself. It is a matter of principle for him. He set off from the pasture heading to the main door. I called him but he knew where he was headed. I led Prize in through the people door and got her in her stall. Then I went looking for Spirit. He was trudging back through the drifts to the people door. He gave me a look like, “Yeah, so, I forgot. I don’t want to hear about it.” Then he walked into the barn on his own and went to his stall. Who says you can’t teach an old horse new tricks?