Look at what I wore today!


Running shoes! There has been so much snow here that trail running is right out of the question. We’ve been walking on the sidewalks but that requires boots and the maximum speed is a walk. But we have been thawing for the last few days so that any of the sidewalks that had been shoveled were now clear.

I was going to go by myself because Freckles had already been to the dog park today. That hadn’t happened in a long time because of feet of snow. That involves going In The Car which I knew she had been missing since every time we went on a walk she’d try to get in the car to get us to take her on a car ride. She was pretty tired so I figured I’d let her stay home. But as soon as she saw the running shoes come out of the closet she got excited. I think she knew that I was going to leave without her since she lay down across my shoes so I had no option but to involve her in my plans. When I grabbed the leash she started jumping and spinning in circles.

I was right though. She was tired. There were actually times that I was pulling her along instead of the other way around. We only went about a mile total and we didn’t run the whole way. We are totally out of practice. When I’m convinced that we are going to be able run consistently again I’m going to do the last few weeks of couch to 5K again in order to get back into running shape.