Freckles update:

If you ask Miss Freckles she would tell you that she is still mortally wounded. She would go on and on about it unless she had to take a break in order to chase a cat.

I think we’ve undercovered hidden Oscar worthy acting talent. She can run, she can climb stairs, she enthusiastically goes on walks. The day after the initial injury she jumped on the bed repeatedly in front of the SO and once in front of me. But, if you ask her to get on the bed she gives a little whimper. She dances in front of the bed. She gives you a look like she would love to comply but she .. just.. CAN’T. If pressed she’ll put her front feet on the bed and dance around with the hind. At first it looks like she is trying to make her human happy in spite of her horrendous pain. On closer examination she doesn’t even try to jump. She just wants me to pick her up. I’m an enabler.

She is having a dog come to spend the weekend with her. I believe she will be miraculously cured especially if that dog jumps on the bed.

Prize update:

She’s still painful. I had to order her some new sneakers since she has trashed her other ones. I’m so excited about the new ones! Pictures will be posted when they get here. Until then it is a secret.