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Of all the quilts I’ve ever made I hate this one the most! Just looking at the picture years later makes me start to sputter and swear.

I made this quilt for the Ohio State Fair. It was my first and only competition entry. The nine patches are made of all kinds of different purples (the source of my huge purple stash). But the solid squares in between have trapunto hearts. Trapunto is basically extra padding that is then quilted around so it is super puffy. It was much harder than I thought and I was running very late. Surprise, surprise! The more rushed I was the more little things that went wrong. The quilting turned out awful. Needless to say it didn’t win anything.

When I got it back I sent it off to Wrap Them In Love, a group that sends quilts to kids in orphanages overseas. I’m sure someone loves this quilt – they should just be thankful that they weren’t involved in making it!