Someday I’m really going to make the Solstice decoration that I’ve had on my to do list for years. I bought this fabric this year. I’m not sure what it is going to be yet. Table runner? Wall hanging? Permanent part of the collection of cool fabric that I can’t decide what to do with yet?

I had some bizarre dreams this morning. I don’t recommend picking up a spy novel at 6:00 AM and then falling back asleep while reading. It does something to your subconscious. My first thought on waking up again was that the one dream would make a great first chapter of a novel because it is positively warped in the way that I like books to be. I’m actually typing that one up. I have no earthly clue what would happen next but if it comes to me in a later dream then I’ll be prepared.

In another dream I was at my parents’ for Christmas. My bedroom was set up the way that it was when I lived there. It was a mess. I was going to try to clean it up before the SO got there. I looked under the bed and there were three black miniature Poodles. Two were older and I felt like I should know their names but I didn’t. There was a puppy who was playing with Freckles. My parents don’t have pets so I was wondering what to do with these dogs since it was cruel to have them living under the bed. I couldn’t take all three and I was wondering if I should call a Poodle rescue. Also around the bed where bags and suitcases. I opened one and it had a lot of stuff left over from when the ex organized a golf tournament – something that never happened in real life. I decided that I needed to get some garbage bags and just start throwing all this stuff out since it was useless.

What does that all say about my brain? That I need to get rid of baggage? That I need to check under the bed when I get to my parents’ on Christmas? That I’m sleeping too close to the dog and am picking up on her dreams since the first dream featured a dog at a dog park?

I had to take the dog to the dog park today. She stayed home with the sick SO yesterday. They didn’t leave the couch. Today she was so wound up that she was running laps around the house. She ran herself ragged at the dog park and now is sleeping on the couch again to recharge.