I love Nature’s Variety dog food. It cured Snowball of all her allergies. She went from eating steroids like candy to keep her from itching herself bloody to taking steroids on two days in her last 3 years of life. When I got Freckles I started her on it right away. I was using the Prairie line of food that is all natural meat and grain. Her coat was ok. She was still itchy. So I switched her to their instinct line with is all meat and no grain. That was about a month ago. Her coat is amazing now. No more flakiness even in the black part. It is super smooth and silky. I’d like to recommend this food to everyone with allergic dogs but I live in an area where lots of time the best I can do is to get the dog off of the WalMart brands of food.

Freckles has had three episodes of GI explosion. Here were the causes:

1. The SO fed her chicken with skin and fat.
2. I started using poultry toothpaste with her.
3. The SO fed her chicken without skin and fat.

See the connection? I didn’t until last night. She has now officially lost her chicken privileges. Her food is chicken based also so I guess I’ll be switching her to either the lamb or salmon food.

I, on the other hand, have been eating like crap. I kept a food journal for one week and ate really well. Since then I’ve eaten junk. I think that means that I should keep a journal at all times.

I’ve been dedicating my junk food eating to my brother. He has to fast for one week every year for his job. He works for a church and apparently God wants you to starve. He lost 15 lbs this week. It can not be healthy. I’d be homicidal if I was doing it. Just thinking about it makes me want a cupcake.