I went on a cheap and productive spending frenzy yesterday. The SO and I went to two thrift stores near fairly ritzy parts of town. Seriously good clothes were available. Between the two stores I got 15 items and spent just under $40!

Then today I was finally able to take him up on his offer to be my personal trainer. Session one went well. It didn’t end in tears (from either of us) or in me throwing a dumbbell at his head. I learned lots. Here’s the list of rules I have to remember:

1. The music must be hard and loud.
2. Stay hydrated
3. No laughing (I had the chance to remind him of that when he started laughing.)

We had to go buy lighter free weights for me because I’m a wimpy girl. But he said that I fairly strong. I think I have absolutely no upper body strength but my idea of proper upper body strength may be warped from looking at too many yoga arm balances that I can’t do.