I wash my hands a lot at work. I figured out yesterday that I do it at least once every 10 minutes. This occurred to me because it hurts. After my first session with my personal trainer the only thing that really hurts on me is my pecs. In order to wash your hands you have to bring them together (pecs) and then rub them together (pecs). Go ahead. Try it yourself. I wouldn’t have believed it either if I hadn’t had the pain myself. I think it is part of an evil plan. Last night when he asked me how my day was I was able to tell him that I thought of him an average of once every 10 minutes all day long….

I have session number 2 tonight.

My other weirdness from yesterday was a conversation with the ex. To sum up he was wondering why we weren’t divorced yet. I promised that I was doing my best but that I hadn’t heard from the court since filing the last set of papers. I was sort of offended. I mean, why would anyone be in such a hurry to divorce me? LOL. I want to divorce him too but I’m not calling him up and complaining about court delays.

Then he said that he was going to sell the truck since it is a gas guzzler. He asked if I had needed to haul anything or otherwise had need of a pickup before he sold it. I replied that I was fine. I never thought I’d find myself in that situation. Really, how do you tell your (soon to be ex) husband that you are ok because your boyfriend has a truck? I seem to have turned into that kind of girl….