I’m at a bit of a loss right now for what to read after Nonfiction November.  That gives such structure to my reading life.  Now it is a free-for-all again!

I do have a few books to read to finish up my Asian authors challenge.  I want to read Pachinko and The Queen of the Night this month.  Can you believe that I got Pachinko as an ARC before it blew up all over the book world and I still haven’t read it?


“In the bestselling, prize-winning A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson achieved the seemingly impossible by making the science of our world both understandable and entertaining to millions of people around the globe.

Now he turns his attention inwards to explore the human body, how it functions and its remarkable ability to heal itself. Full of extraordinary facts and astonishing stories, The Body: A Guide for Occupants is a brilliant, often very funny attempt to understand the miracle of our physical and neurological make up.”


Bill Bryson is an autobuy author for me. I’m currently listening to The Body. I started it and then left it for a bit because it was a little too basic in the beginning.  I guess I have to expect that since I’ve been to doctor school.  But once it started to get into a bit more detail he is throwing in fun facts that are new to me.  I also always love the way he choses to phrases things. 

I think this is a good book for people who don’t have a lot of medical knowledge.  I’m always amazed at how much people don’t know.  I’ll be trying to talk to people about their animals and have to slow down to discuss very basic things about how bodies work before I can get into what’s gone wrong.  Just the fact that I have a standard “Boys have nipples” speech that I have given to many men and women says it all.