I had my friend’s baby shower on Saturday and gave her the two quilts.  I didn’t know this but her nursery is being done in lilac and butterflies and dragonflies so the quilts will fit in perfectly.

I had some disturbing news over the weekend.  My sister in law is pregnant.  (Officially, I don’t know this yet so you didn’t hear it from me.)  I guess I always knew it would happen eventually because she wants a herd of kids but I have been hoping that it wouldn’t.  It is hard to explain.  First of all she has health problems that don’t make it easy to be pregnant.  But more than that I’ve always just had this feeling that her having kids is just not a good idea.  I don’t really know why.  It is just a vague feeling of unease.  She loves kids and wants them so I’m not sure why this is so deeply disturbing to me.  It feels like that moment in a scary movie when the monster is coming but you don’t know quite what it is yet. My mother said that when she tells me that I have to muster up some enthusiasm and surprise.  Luckily my baby hatred is well known so if I’m too enthusiastic she’d be suspicious!

I’ve been saving a detailed baby quilt pattern from Quilter’s Newsletter for about 10 years.  Now I just have to find out what sex it is to get started.