The SO goes to the doctor a lot.  He goes every three months to have blood drawn and get an EKG. When I met him I asked him why. That seemed excessive to me.  She has diagnosed him with a variety of ailments. Now, I’m the crunchy granola type of medical person, as evidenced by all the acupuncture posts, who thinks that if a person his age supposedly has all these problems then there has to be an underlying condition that is at the root.  In that case let’s get to the bottom of it and quit treating symptoms.

So over the last few years I’ve been advocating getting a second opinion. He hasn’t. He keeps going and being told that he is going to die young because he is so fat – here’s another drug to take. The thing is he’s not morbidly obese. He has a high BMI because he is a body builder. He is solid. If you touch his arms they are like tree trunks. One time when he was lamenting his doctor’s lack of understanding of this he made a comment about how she had never touched him or seen him with his shirt off.

Excuse me, Huh? 

This doctor had never done a physical exam on him in all the years he had been going there. How is that even possible? 

Fast forward to this week. He gets a call from the office telling him that they had made him an appointment for a stress test in two days. He asked why since he had already had two stress tests in the last year (?!) and nothing was wrong. They said something had changed on the EKG but they wouldn’t tell him what. Oh, and by the way, he needed to start on two new drugs.

He said no. I was so proud. They were flummoxed. How dare he!  He said that he wanted to review his latest test results before he agreed to any other tests. They said no.

The owner of Prize’s barn has been trying to get him to go to her doctor for a while. I called her to get the number.  I told what was going on and she went off. She called and told the new doctor that her friend had to be seen in the next week. She got him an appointment for next Wednesday.

Today he got home from work and got a certified letter saying that his previous doctor was banning him from her practice for being non-compliant!  Afters years of (I feel) unnecessary procedures he is banned for life after asking “Why?” once. They didn’t send the test results he asked about either.

I’ve decided that I’m going to ban every client that doesn’t agree with my recommendations for x-rays or bloodwork from now on but then we won’t have any patients left.  

I can’t wait to tell my barn owner!  She’s going to come unhinged. LOL.