I’ve been sticking needles into anyone and everyone who would hold still long enough for the last few days.

I started on the SO. I think he was a little scared of being my practice voodoo doll. He kept asking if there were any real scientific studies done of acupuncture. Poor boy. I had hours of lecture on scientific studies to quote him. I treated a general qi tonic by his knee first and then moved on to his face to open his sinsues. He loved the sinus one. It really helped him. When he got up he was a little wobbly. He said he was dizzy from getting so much oxygen to his brain. The next day he said that his knee felt like he had borrowed someone else’s knee. It turns out that that is a good thing. I didn’t even know he had a sore knee.

I tried my first canine patient who had a nasty tumor taken off last week. She was oozing blood from the incision. I tried an anti-hemmorrhage combination but it was dependant on counting ribs to find the right.  This was a golden retriever who is 50 lbs overweight. I never found a single rib. I took a total guess. Didn’t seem to help so I guess I guessed wrong. 🙂

I did some b12 injections into the hip points on a lab whose owner didn’t really want to do anything for his arthritis unless there was a shot. 

Then I had another lab with a weird degenerative joint problem in his spine. He has both pain and lost of balance in his hind legs. I put needles in one point on each side for low back pain. He sat with them in for 15 minutes. When I took them out and said he could go he spun around and took off out the door. He was falling when he was walking slow earlier. It may have been adrenaline or endorphins but he was better. He’s coming back for a recheck next week.

The worst thing I did was put some sample needles in a receptionist. He wanted to try it so I did some general tonic points. Only after I had them in did it dawn on me that I had just stimulated two energy increasing points on our drama queen ADHD receptionist. For the next two hours he was like a chipmunk on crack. “I FEEL GOOD LIKE REALLY GOOD GOOD DO YOU NEED ME TO WRITE THIS DOWN? IFEELGOOD….”  Then he drank some coffee to calm down before we killed him.