Before I went to the hands-on acupuncture class last week, I went to the barn and practiced finding points on Prize. This caused the barn owner to double over in laughter at the thought of me trying to put needles in my dearly beloved pony.

Ok, sure, she once slammed me into a wall for taking blood from her. Yeah, and she once stomped another vet’s bag into the ground because she saw him pull a needle out of it. She’s also a Fire Horse. In Chinese medicine that means that she is highly emotional and prone to having fits. In my words she is likely to have a fit of the vapors whenever things don’t go her way. Yes, she’s Scarlett O’Hara in the flesh.

I figured it might be worse if I tied her up because she doesn’t really believe in cross-ties. I put her in the arena loose with some hay to keep her busy. She didn’t want the hay. She wanted to play with my bag of stuff which she picked up by the bottom of the bag – all the better to dump it out and sift through it.

I took a deep breath and just went for it.


No problem.  I fed her a treat after each needle to reinforce that this was a good thing.  I put four in her legs.  She wandered around a bit.  The barn owner came out and was amazed by the fact that she had needles in.  But, she got bored in a few minutes and started getting mad that she was in and everyone else was outside.  I pulled the needles instead of forcing her stand.  I’ll go back later this week around suppertime when she is happy in her stall and put them in for longer now that I know it can be done.