I’ve been missing in action for the last week because we had a last minute visit from my brother-in-law. He comes up from down south when he doesn’t have enough work to do there and fixes up things at our house.

With a few days notice I had to completely empty out the sewing room.


It all moved across the hall into (and onto) the gym.


Now the nasty dirty stained thread-collecting carpet is gone and I have new wood laminate that can be swept up with a broom.


Freckles says it isn’t as comfy so she’ll have to use the dog bed that she’s rejected since we got her.


Good thing she has white on her or she’d be totally camouflaged.

Project number two was adding a breakfast bar to the kitchen to give us more counter space as Powder so ably demonstrates.


He found tile to match the backsplash in the kitchen. Anything in that picture with tile on a horizontal surface is brand new from scratch.

He also installed a new people door from the garage to the outside. I hate this door right now. It will feature prominently on tomorrow’s workout post so stay tuned for the story of my epic fail with the new door.