Adding more stuff

We’ve started a new renovation project. We are going to be adding a low stone wall around the porch. Of course since there is a male, non-blogger, non-scrapbooker involved he started the project without doing the most important part of […]

In the garden now

Looking what’s growing in my garden! My tomato plants are starting to flower. I guess planting them a few weeks early paid off this year. I’m not sure what this is. I know I didn’t plant it. It is probably […]

Garden geekiness

I am so excited! I have to share. No, those are not weeds. Those are itty bitty baby lettuces that started out as seeds I sprinkled on the ground! Super-micro greens! I’m such a proud plant mama. I’ve never grown […]

Yet More Renovation

This is the family room with the previous cheap blue carpeting (and Riley wondering where the furniture went): Here’s the new wood floor and Powder still pondering the lack of furniture: Here’s what happens when a guy gets bored with […]


What I’m about to say is probably considered blasphemy but I’ve never understood the fuss over home grown tomatoes. I like tomato sauce on everything but I’m not a fan of just eating a tomato. Because of that I’ve never […]


My garden overflows with zucchini. I like zucchini in sauces and stir-fries and I love a good zucchini bread as much as the next person but my creativity is running low. This morning I picked two monster zucchini that were […]


Yesterday the husband and I bought a swing for the backyard. It is a 3 person swing according to the box but I think of it as only holding one person who is laying down and reading a book. I […]

A real garden

We rented a skid loader to move compost around today. It was so much better than trying to do it by hand. We made an 8 x 8 foot raised bed for vegetables and annuals. I also consolidated several other […]

Requiem for a plant

I killed a plant today. This plant and I have been together for a long time. It was a centerpiece at a wedding shower when my uncle got married in 1988. It is a cutting from an ivy-type plant that […]

Outside work

I feel like a real farmer today. We got up early and I told the husband that we could go out ot breakfast if we stopped while out to buy fence stuff. That’s how you get help. Taking down the […]


Remember a few posts ago when I said that I needed to chant to myself, “The frost free date here is in May?” This is why. Two days ago – 80 degrees. Lounging on the porch in short sleeves, watching […]

A Breath of Fresh Air

For the last few days I’ve been craving fresh air. Part of it has to do with airing out the house. We’ve been doing a lot of cutting and sanding of wood and drywall lately. No matter how much we […]


I got an amaryllis for my birthday. The plant is blooming like crazy but the stalks are very short (for an amaryllis). The largest is only a foot tall and the shortest is about 4 inches. The blooms are larger […]


I finally have a hummingbird coming to visit. I have a hummingbird friendly garden and I’ve tried to put out feeders but for years I never had hummingbirds. So I quit putting up feeders because they ended up being traps […]

Life goes on

When I moved here I had huge plans to build a big garden. I wanted the garden rooms that you see in the magazines. But I quickly outgrew both my talent and enthusiasm for gardening. My main motivation to even […]