I live in a small world.

I got a call today at work from the office manager of the practice. She was at her agility class in the town she lives in. Some of the people in the class work at a local pet store. They had news that was the talk of the entire class. Apparently, tomorrow some vets are coming to their store to look at opening a vet clinic. They were sprucing the place up to get ready for these important visitors.

Uh, that would be me. I wasn’t even totally sure that the meeting at the store was going to happen tomorrow until I got home and got the confirmation email but the gossip is preceding me. I thought we’d just wander in and look at the space. I didn’t think anyone would notice. The point of the meeting in my mind was more to meet the other vet in charge of setting up new practices than to critique the store. That hadn’t actually occurred to me. Now I’ll have to make sure to appreciate their hard work.