Today is the one year anniversary of Freckles moving in with us!  It is also the one year anniversary of Powder-cat deciding to spend the majority of her time on the armoire or in the basement.

I sang a Happy Anniversary song to Freckles bright and early this morning. She came over to cuddle which I am choosing to interpret as a sign of affection although I have a nagging suspicion that she meant it more as, “Shut the hell up. It’s 5 AM.”

We also told Powder that it was about time that she got over herself and came down from the armoire. She did when Freckles went outside. Freckles then chased her and she missed the jump and crashed.  These things wouldn’t happen if she didn’t run from the dog. Since she can make the dog cry and apologize for being born just by looking at her, I don’t get fear issues. Oh well, neurotic must be suiting her at this point.

Speaking of neurotic, we are celebrating the anniversary by having UnderTheBedDog over for a few days while the SO’s ex is on vacation. Nothing says love like your people hosting a quivering mass of canine insecurity in your house. Generally for the first day Freckles gazes under the bed to see what she’s doing and after that she washes her paws of her.