Last night I started to become worried about the amount of snow falling. I was worried because my husband had left his SUV at his office and had someone take him to the airport. I picked him up at the airport yesterday morning. The plan was to have me take him to work this morning when I went to work. The plan did not include three foot drifts in the driveway that my poor little car can’t get through.

So here’s the timeline of my morning:

6:30 am – Wake up. Go outside. See huge drifts covering my driveway. Wake up husband. He calls contractor who had offered to come get us if we were really stuck.
7:30 am – Attempt to call boss and say that 8:00 am starting time at work isn’t going to happen. He doesn’t answer.
7:35 am – Call other vet working with me today. He says that he’s planning on calling in sick.
7:45 am – Call office and break all the above news to receptionists
8:00 am – Husband has testosterone surge and decides that we can too get my car out
8:01 am – Husband returns to house from now-stuck car
10:00 am – Contractor shows up to resuce us.

Flashback to three years ago as we are planning the house:
Me: If we have a really long driveway we’ll have problems in the winter. You’ll have to plow it out early in the morning every time it snows.
Husband: Yeah, yeah, no problem. I’ll do that.

This year he went as far as buying a plow for our lawn mower. But he hasn’t figured out how to attach it yet. He doesn’t see the point of thinking about it when it isn’t snowing. When it is snowing it is too cold out to work on it.

My cousin’s long-term significant other died this week after an unexpected illness. I’m supposed to go to my parents’ for the funeral tomorrow but I don’t think I’ll be able to go. It quit snowing last night but the drifting is worse now than it was this morning.