I had my first WOD today. That’s CrossFit talk for Workout of the Day. That means that I had my training wheels taken off. I was no longer in the beginner classes. They threw me in with the big guys. Scary. It doesn’t help when all the very friendly people in the class come up and say, “First WOD today? Great! How nervous are you?”

The warm up was a 1/2 mile run. I haven’t been running lately. But, I wasn’t last! Let me repeat – NOT LAST. I don’t think that’s ever happened. I may have had a bit of a head start but NOT LAST.

Then we did lifts. It was an upper body day which is my weak spot. We had to figure out our max weight for a few moves. I don’t think I found mine since I didn’t know where to start and guessed too light. Then I ran out of time before I figured out where I needed to be. We also did jumping pullups which sound like they should be easy. Just stand under the bar, jump up, and pull up some at the end. They add up though. After all that you finally get to the “workout”. It took me a while to understand the crossfit shirts that say, “Your workout is our warmup.” Yep, get it now.

The workout was 3 reps of 20 jumping pull ups, 25 push ups, and 21 dumbell thrusters (squat and then stand up and press the weight overhead). For a few hours my arms were numb and now they aren’t anymore. I preferred numb.

There was an older lady there who told me that she’d been coming since August. She wasn’t super fit and I really wanted to ask if she had started at 400 lbs. There’s just no way to do that. How am I supposed to know if this stuff works?

I took the dogs to the park again today. Under-the-Bed-dog was much braver. Any time she got nervous she came back to me for a pet instead of panicking and running back to the gate. She was very worried about a lady playing ball with 2 cattle dogs. A guy throwing a ball caused her meltdown on Sunday. She stayed right next to me as we approached them. But then Freckles saved the day. She ran up to the dogs and distracted them from playing ball long enough for UTBD and I to walk past them. UTBD did the whole circuit of the park off lead today!

Freckles learned about waves today. Waves are when things are floating near the shore and they come towards you and then they run away and then they charge you again. It is very rude behavior. She was play bowing to the floating pieces of wood but they wouldn’t play right.