I have a sort of neighbor who drives teams of horses. He does a circuit around the local roads a few times a week. But lately he’s taken a new way of exercising the horses.


He drives his tractor and hay wagon and ties the horses to the back. I live at the farthest point away from his house so there is no way that he’s actually driving to a field to get hay unless he’s taking the far way around. I think he’s just exercising the horses. They are going at a fair trot. Makes me want to stand Prize in the road and ask him to take her for a spin but she’d just die from humiliation and being out of shape both!

3 Replies to “My crazy neighbor”

  1. I hope one of the horses doesn’t trip!

    These kind of folks never have something go badly, though. It’s the rest of us, who do things the “proper” way that have some freak accident happen. Especially with horses!

  2. LOL Yeah, from what you’ve said of Prize, I’m guessing she wouldn’t take too kindly to being hitched behind a tractor & led around for exercise. *grin* She’d probably go into vapors at the first hint that you would try to do something so terribly, terribly mean to her. *wink*

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