I’ve been looking forward to setting up my new sewing room. My enthusiasm was dimmed a bit when I opened a box and found that one of the movers had dumped the bins of fabric into a big box. That meant I had to spend time separating out all the fabric and then folding it all. Luckily, whoever was helping in that room thought better of that plan and just packed up the rest of the bins the fabric was inside intact like I thought they would. I had visions of the thousands of pieces of my Orca Bay quilt being dumped out of the case it was in but luckily that didn’t happen.

This is what the room looked like a few hours ago.


Here it is now.


I’m not quite to “a place for everything and everything in its place” land yet but it is functional.

Here’s the other side before.


This will be my main yoga space and any other floor workouts. The main gym is just across the hall.


Now I’m going to go try it out. Hopefully the outlets all work and my wifi reaches down there!