Last night was the first night where I was going to be camping out in my old house.  I’m still working a few days a week at my old job. 

I had my blow up bed ready to go.  I had my iPad full of books.  I had a package of golden oreos.  I had milk for the oreos.  I was all set for a lovely evening.

Then I got the call.  The SO was on the line talking to me between bouts of vomiting.  He wanted to know if I knew where the ER was in our new town.  I didn’t have a clue.  He has food allergies and was having an unusually bad reaction.  He had taken some meds but needed medical care.  I told him to call an ambulance.  Then he said, “How do I call an ambulance here?”

I swear until two weeks ago he was a fully functional human. 

“Nine. One. One.”
“Oh, yeah.”

So he did.  Freckles was very worried about her daddy acting so funny so she was glad for the company and tried to help.  Then the company stole her daddy which was not so happy.

So I head out on the two hour drive to the new town.  Someone had to pick him up and take him home.  He called and told me what hospital and I put it in the GPS.  I was 20 miles away when he called again.  A nurse was short with him so he walked out.  He was still covered in hives but he wasn’t going back in there.  He is the world’s worst patient.  He says he once had a nurse tell him that she hoped he died under anesthesia.  That seemed horrible at the time but now that I’ve been through a few minor health crises with him I can sympathize with her.  I was quiet while thinking that he just added 4.5 hours driving time to my night (2 hours home and 2.5 back to work in the AM) and if he walked out I was going to kill him.  He must have understood the tenor of my thinking because he stopped ranting and said, “I should go inside and play nice, right?”

When I got there he was sitting there drinking a diet cola while waiting for his meds to kick in.  No one had even noticed he had left.  I got him home and put to bed.  Freckles was very glad that I had stolen her daddy back from the strangers who took him.  I think she was also glad to have some adult supervision.  Watching the male human on her own is way too stressful for her!