I get beat up at night.

I normally sleep on my left side.  Freckles is behind my lower legs and Powder is in front of my chest.  I am suggestible at night.  They manage to push me around so that they are more comfortable.  I wake up with my back muscles spasming because I’ve been pushed into unnatural positions.  The husband sleeps secure on his side of the bed since he is an unmovable object.  I complain and he says, “I slept fine.”

Under The Bed Dog has turned into On Top of the Bed Dog this visit.  I wasn’t happy.  Adding another dog into the mix was going to be horrible.  But, I was pleasantly surprised.  She slept between the husband and I and I was impressed by how unobtrusive her presence was.  Powder won’t sleep with us since there is another dog so I had all kinds of room.

I commented on how well I was sleeping and the husband snapped, “I’m not.”  I guess Under The Bed Dog is pushing hard against him.  Most nights he tries to shove her back but he eventually gives up and goes to the guest room because he just can’t sleep when he’s being crowded.  Poor baby.

Last night she wouldn’t lie down.  She sat between us and looked at him like, “Aren’t you leaving?  I want your spot.”

I’m having the best sleep ever.  Now when he storms off in the middle of the night I say, “Bye, bye” and he tells me to quit giggling.  He points out that she isn’t staying forever so we’ll go back to normal sleeping arrangements soon so I had best enjoy it while I can.