I saw this on JewliaGoulia yesterday and it seemed like a great idea.


SO “WALK IT PROJECT 52″ means that:

-once a week I will go for a long stroll
-once a week I will take 1 photo on that stroll (camera or iphone etc.. doesn’t have to be fancy)
-once a week I will take a photo on my walk and post it here on my blog
-once a week I burn a little more calories
-once a week I will walk alone with my thoughts
-and once a week I will be on my way to a healthier me:)

So today’s walk wasn’t a long stroll since it is cold and I’m still recovering from my cold. I had to take Freckles to the dog park. She was languishing. It was so sad. She didn’t even have the energy to sigh dramatically anymore. She would only lay on the couch making sad faces because no one understands how hard it is to be her.

The dog park has a wooded section with a path. She runs like a crazy dog back and forth while I walk on the path. These would be great pictures if I had taken my bigger camera with the faster shutter speed. The dog is too fast for my little camera. I have several shots with no dog in the picture even though she was there when I pushed the button.


This one looks like she’s doing a handstand.


Her will to live seems to be restored even though we were only there less than 10 minutes. After all it is cold and she is smart enough not to want to stay out in that.