My neighborhood has old houses, lampposts, and snow that never seems to end. I’m starting to think that this is a portal to Narnia.

It isn’t really snowing hard here but it just isn’t stopping so we are getting a bunch of snow again. I pride myself on being able to drive in any weather, anywhere, any time. I tried to go to the store today and got stuck twice within 50 feet of my garage. Demoralizing. I’m blaming the city’s lack of concern about plowing the side street that our driveway in on. It isn’t that my car and I couldn’t handle the snow. Not at all.

I took Freckles for a walk. This is her starting out.


The walls of snow are from the storm this weekend. The snow on the sidewalk is new today. I really wanted a picture of her with snow accumulation on her coat but she kept stopping every time she got covered and shaking it all off.