I went to my hometown this weekend for a bridal shower. The bride doesn’t live there either but her mom was throwing the shindig. I went up Saturday after work and met up with the bride and another friend of ours. We just hung out at my parents’ house and caught up. (The parent people were out of town.)

Then Sunday afternoon was the shower. Somewhere in the middle of marriage trauma and broken sewing machines I managed to finish the Storm at Sea quilt.

storm at sea

Sunday night I hung out with my brother and sister in law watching football. It wasn’t a super exciting weekend but it was nice and distracting. Just what I needed.

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  1. Your quilt turned out great! I love the fabrics and colors you used. I am glad to read you are moving forward and finding the new “you”.

  2. That quilt is absolutely fantastic! I love it.
    And, of course, you saw the one I posted a while back that’s hanging on my guest room wall. Hope all is moving along at least semi well for you.

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