I’ve had a full day today. First I had the homestudy phone call. Then the carpet guy showed up to measure the bedroom.

Then I voted. Yesterday I heard an ad for a candidate I didn’t know about who proudly stated that he was anti-gay marriage, pro-gun (had an A rating from the NRA), and on the wrong side of just about every issue I care about. I was really hoping he was in a race I was voting on so I could vote against him. He was in fact on my ballot. What shocked me was that he was the DEMOCRATIC candidate. Little ole conservative/moderate me is more liberal than a Democrat.

After that I went to my friend’s house to quilt on her longarm machine. It was quite the disaster last time we tried that. Threads broke every few seconds. I was hoping it was going to go better this time but I really wanted to use fancy thread. I figured that would doom us for sure. But it went perfect! Not a single broken thread. It was all over in 3 hours from the time I drove in to the time I left. She also filled out her reference for our homestudy too so I have my first piece of paperwork done.

Now I’m printing out homestudy forms and setting up appointments and filing systems. I have a call in the sherrif to see about fingerprinting. I also called about getting the well water tested. This makes no sense to me because the best indicator of the well is the fact that I’m still alive. I called and they said that it would be $25 if I came in and got the sample bottle and took my own sample and $40 if they sent someone out. So, if I had bad well water I could submit a sample from a good well and save money while cheating? I didn’t question. I just said, “Ok, thanks. I’ll be in.”