Today’s Workout – Ran 1.5 miles and walked 1 mile (warm up and cool down – getting to where I wanted to run and getting back)

I decided that I should go out and run on a flatter part of the park which is mostly mowed grass trails. I could work on some speed then. That totally didn’t work out as expected. Those trails slope sideways and there are vines that kept reaching out and tangling up my shoes. Very rude. I ended up running even slower.

So, I ended up going slow and easy. My next major running challenge is going to be pushing myself. I’m at the point where I can consistently run 1.5 to 2 slow miles without being winded. Wow. Ok, now I need to work harder since obviously this isn’t helping me lose weight. But I’m a wimp about pushing hard on cardio. As soon as I start to breathe hard my brain decides that I’m dying and starts screaming at me to stop. I need to look up some speedwork routines because I need structure to make myself work harder. Just going out with a vague idea to “run faster” isn’t going to work for me.



I made three more Dear Jane blocks this week. Clockwise from top left they are A8, A2, and K10. I copied A2 from a picture on the internet that I thought was the right size. I made a paperpiecing pattern from that. Turns out that picture was actually too big so I lost my points when I trimmed it to size. Someday I’ll have to decide if that bothers me enough in the grand scheme of things to redo it.


Random confusing vet conversation of the day yesterday:

A kid asked me, “Why do some dogs have dark patches on their gums?”
Me: “It’s just pigment.”
Him: “Like Freckles?”
In my brain: “How does he know if my dog has dark gums? I don’t even know if she does. Oh, wait….”
Me out loud: “Yeah, like freckles on your face.”

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