We started with 4 rounds of 20 seconds of rowing and 10 seconds of rest.  Then we did 4 rounds of 20 seconds of slam balls and 10 seconds of rest.

We did seated shoulder presses.  I only managed to do 45 lbs.

The workout was this.


I found this nice graphic of it except this was made by nice people and not the sadistic people I work out with who added 50 double unders at the end.

There was a 25 minute time cap though so I was finished after 25 wall balls.  I did NOT want to get to the burpees.  My thighs hurt so bad from Tuesday’s leg workout that I didn’t think I could make it.  I was dying on the wall balls.



The husband and the dog and I took Z on a 1.5 mile walk.  She kept wanting to run so I’d race her.  Whenever she’d realize that she couldn’t beat me on speed or distance (which is sad) she’d quit.  We’d try to run together but she couldn’t handle it and she’d just randomly stop running and start yelling, “I won!  I won!  You’re a loser!” at the top of her lungs.  That kid is all kinds of crazy piled on up on each other.


I’m the kind of stupid person who sees things on Pinterest and decides that they would be fun to try.


I did this for my day off workout.  I’m quite proud of myself actually.  I’m proud that I chose it because I hate running.  I’m proud that I ran the whole thing.  I was running a course that measured a bit short so on two of the rounds I ran extra to make sure I got all three miles in.

Now if you had told me to go out and run 3 miles I wouldn’t have been able to do it.  But, if I do it in intervals and burn my legs out with squats in the middle?  No problem!

I did end up adapting this some.  Sit ups bore me to death.  I end up cheating even if I don’t mean it.  I find myself counting, “11..12..13..15..16…18..20..” So after a few rounds I substituted 30 seconds of plank and 15 seconds of side plank on both sides.  That was more challenging for me than endless sit ups.


Warm up was a 200 m run followed by ball slams.  Then we did another 200 m run while carrying our 10 lb medicine balls and then wall sits while passing a medicine ball up and down the line.

We had to do maximum effort wall climbs.  You start in a pushup position with your feet against a wall.  Then push up and go backwards, walking your feet up the wall until your chest hits the wall.  Walk back out to the ground.  I can’t go all the way.  I get stuck.

Then we did 5 cleans (bar from floor to chin) every minute on the minute for 7 minutes.  I used 55 lbs.

I stayed with 55 lbs for the workout.  It was 30 snatches (bar from floor to overhead) and 30 clean and jerks (bar from floor to chin and then overhead.) I did it in 9:21.